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OCK Out and about F rankie M. (McClain) Bowman a ttended her 30 year Colding/Finley family reunion (1982-2012) in Little Rock, Ar. The reunion was held at the Holiday Inn Express from July 13-15, 2012. There were 120 family members in attendance. The theme was “Lets Stay Together”. The activities included a meet and greet, a night at Art Porter’s Jazz Club hosted for the family by the owner on day one. Day two had a tour of the city, a visit to the family cemetery in Roland, Ar., a picnic, talent show and dance with family history. They topped it off with Church Service on day three. Frankie’s son, Michael Torrence Jr. received three certificates of special recognition from The Congress of U.S. House of Representatives, California Legislation Assembly, and County of Los Angeles. The honor was given in recognition of 30 years of dedicated service to Watts/Willow Brook, Compton, and South Central communities. The certificates were presented at the 13 th annual Watts, Willow Brook Junetenth Celebration . The Palmer Family Reunion was held August 9-12 , 2012 at the Embassy Suites in Milpitas, CA. Earl, Nathaniel, and Ersaline attended from the Bay Area Chapter. It was a beautiful affair. The eldest Earnest Palmer came from Chicago. Dorothy visited three sons and grands in Little Rock. Also, she attended a Friends and Family Musical in honor of her sister and brother, Edith and Lucious Powell. It was a glorious occasion. Going home for Dorothy is her favorite vacation. Fundraisers O ur Day at the Races during May was a lot of fun. The horses were grateful that we were able to donate to their hay fund. The buffet was very good this year. Our Casino Bus trip to Cache Creek was a huge success with a few winners there. We had a very festive bus, and we are able to add to our Scholarship Fund. Holiday W e have reserved H’s Lordship Restaurant for our Annual Christmas Brunch. If any of our Alumni will be in the area on December 14 th . we would love for you to join us. 2013 Reunion O ur Breakfast Committee Chair, Eleanor LaMoyne Foxworth, put on a successful Casino Trip to raise money to help offset some of her committee’s expense. We are trying to keep the cost down as much as we can. I am hoping that everyone has received the save the date letter from our Reunion Chairs. We are trying to make sure you have a very fun and festive time in Las Vegas, Nv. July 10 13, 2013. We are working to have a tour of Hoover Dam, Golfing, a Department Store Treasure Hunt and shows for you to consider. We want all to be in the running to win our Sweepstakes Contest. If we do not have your address, then please pass on to us so that you get our January mailing. Additional Sad news : We mourn the passing of our past president, Leonard Woolfolk, after a long illness,. We also lost Sibyl Mötley’s son, Alex, from a heart attack. Go Out and Make Someone Smile Today Reporter, John Dokes NEWS FROM YOUR NATION’S CAPITOL O ur first meeting for the year occurred at the lovely home of Annie and Lt. Col.(Ret.) Henry Hamilton. The meeting was well attended, the repast was exceptional, and enjoyed by all. Our planning session for the incoming year included our Christmas project, our Education Assistance Project giving funds to college recipients and plans for our Spring activity which partially funds our Education Assistance Project. The balance of the project is funded by specific contributions from each ND/HMAA member. Our Education committee members, Dr. Rosalla Bardley, Robert Hill and Clifford Young are making specific plans for this Project for the year 2013. They plan to begin solicitation of applications for education assistance in early January, 2013. Our beloved Faustine Jones-Wilson does not believe in letting grass grow under her feet. She continues to travel each summer to faraway places. Just recently she visited Atlanta, Georgia. While there, Ms. Jones joined in the birthday celebration for her two sisters-in-law. One sister-in-law turned 96 years young, and the other one turned 90 years of age. Many blessings to them and may they continue to celebrate many more years. Ms. Jones-Wilson’s next stop was Oakland, California - where she participated in the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of her brother and sister-in-law, Bill and Dell Patterson. Sarah Ann Patterson was there along with many other family members. While the occasion was a joyous one, every one was well-nourished and had loads of fun.
While speaking of traveling, Katye McLaughlin-Young and husband, Clifford, recently returned from New Orleans, LA, attending the AARP Convention. The event was enjoyable as well as informative. There were unlimited displays from both U.S. companies as well as from abroad. The displays ran the gambit from vitamins to engineering products to car displays. Not to forget vendors galore. New Orleans is a city that never sleeps. The French Quarter is very much alive and was not touched by the hurricanes. Of course, one cannot close without mentioning the food, pralines and Dookie Chase Restaurant. The restaurant is not open seven days a week however, it is open at least three days. The food is still the best. I want to dedicate this poem by Helen Steiner Rice to our members who are feeling much better and growing stronger by the day: Dr. Rosella Bardley, Adell Westbrook and Franklin Westbrook. We are happy that Nancy Works is up, and about. THE BEND IN THE ROAD “Rest, relax and grow stronger, Let go and let God share your load, Have faith in a brighter tomorrow- You‘ve just come to a bend in the road. TO ALL ND/HMAA MEMBERS-HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS WITH FAMILY. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE Dunbar High School Sweethearts Celebrate 65 th Wedding Anniversary Henry and Annie Sue Hamilton met and fell in love at Dunbar High School. They celebrated their 65 th wedding anniversary on February 15, 2012. This long and loving union was celebrated at an intimate family dinner party held at their home in Washington, DC. The food was prepared by their very own grand daughter, Dannielle Williamson who is just getting started as a chef. Chef Williamson prepared her grandmother’s favorite entrée fried jumbo shrimp. Nephews come from Minneapolis for summer opportunities in the DC area Last summer two of their nephews spent the summer in Washington, DC. Blaine Crawford who is also the grandson of a Horace Mann High School graduate Pearline Crawford, spent his summer on Capitol Hill as a US Senate page. He spent many hours in the Capitol assisting senators during the long sessions debating the budget. While Blaine was on the hill his cousin Jason Williams, who is also the grandson of a Dunbar High School graduate the late Catherine Williams attended the computer camp at Bowie State University. At the culmination ceremony, Jason gave the closing remarks for his group that summarized the new computer innovations they learned. This was his first visit to Washington DC and he enjoyed the popular sightseeing attractions. He was given a private tour of the white house, traveled to the top of the Washington Monument and attended a Washington National’s double header baseball game. Blaine and Jason left with many memorable pictures of family and fun times stored in their cell phones. We will probably see them again this summer. Katye McLaughlin Young, Reporter
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