A look into the origin/purpose of the Alumni Association
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Several futile attempts had been made to organize the St. Louis Dunbar alumni into a chapter. It was not until after the very successful First Reunion of Classes in Detroit in 1973, that an enthusiastic group returned to St. Louis determined to be a well organized part of the National body. In September 1973, a meting was called by Mr. and Mrs. John Brown at the Royal Vagabond. Sixteen alumni attended. Officers elected were: Willie B. Macon, President Marjorie Coleman, Secretary Henderson Smith, Treasurer The group adopted as its purpose, “To serve the community and enjoy fellowship with each other.” Contributions were made to the United Negro College Fund and other charities. The chapter also compiled an Address Directory of all alumni throughout the country and made the book available at the Fifth Reunion of Class held in St. Louis in July, 1981.
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON On January 23, 1977, the first meeting was held at the home of Leonard Burgess to organize a Seattle chapter of the National Dunbar Alumni Association. Membership was open to any persons who attended Dunbar High School and/or Dunbar Junior College. The first officers elected to serve the group were: Leonard Burgess, President Lois Butler, Secretary Ed Holland, Treasurer Over the years, the chapter has contributed annually to the United Negro College Fund, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and other charitable organizations such as the Food Bank. The chapter works with American Legion Post #222 to sponsor boys and girls at Boys and Girls State. Here, the youth learn how to operate State Government. The chapter also worked with the Kiwanis (Puget Sound Club) to sponsor young people in the Oratorical Contest. The Seattle chapter hosted the Sixth Reunion of Classes in July, 1983
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA The history of the Los Angeles Dunbar Alumni dates back to the August 1969 “Get-Together” for members of the Class of 1936. At that meeting, several members expressed a desire to organize an alumni association. Quenton Banks was selected by the 1936 alumni to mobilize interested persons to form a Los Angeles chapter. The first meeting of this group was held on Sunday, March 8, 1970 at Mr. Woodley’s Lounge. Twenty-three persons attended. The first president was Anna Louis Johnson Clark. This group remained active for a number of years, awarding scholarships and making contributions toward individual and community betterment. This chapter also served as host to the Third Reunion of Classes at the new Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel. Unfortunately, disagreement sprang up between the chapter and the national body following the Reunion of Classes because the chapter’s refusal to submit a portion of the proceeds from the Third reunion to the National organization. The chapter subsequently terminated its association with the national body. However, several Dunbar alumni (including some members of the earlier chapter) advocated that there should be a Los Angeles chapter within the group to discuss the possibility of a “National Dunbar Alumni Association-Los Angeles Chapter.” The meeting was held at the University of Southern California Hilton Hotel. The chapter was formally organized in August, 1980. Dr. Geraldine Washington was elected president. Charter members included:        This chapter was expanded to include associate members. Meetings are held regularly on the third Saturday of each month. The purpose and goals of this chapter were stated as follows: •	To function as a non-profit organization and as an entity of the National Dunbar alumni Association of Little Rock, Arkansas; •	To engage generally in bringing together former students of Dunbar Junior/Senior High School and Dunbar Junior College; and •	To promote civic and social interest; provide economic, religious and educational support to the communities of Los Angeles, California and Little Rock, Arkansas. A charter for the chapter as a non-profit organization was secured from the State of California. Irene Davis				Dorothy Smith	 Rev. Solomon Drake		Kenneth Smith	 Mable Fletcher			Alice “Bunny” Taylor	 Lorraine Jackson			Geraldine Washington	 Byron Jenkins			Willie Washington	 Jimmie Laster			Jerelene Watson	 Willie Jean Laster			Edwina Parker	  Julia Atkins				Cozett Mack	 Quenton Banks			Helen Mack	 Ephula Best			Pearl C. McCoy	 Ethelle Bowers			William “A.G.” McElroy	 Van Bowers			Patsy N. Morton	 Anna J. Clark			Addie Patterson	 Alease Carmichael		James H. Roberts previous
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